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Call for Speakers for SMX Advanced Europe 2023

SMX Advanced Europe 2023 is taking place September 13-14, 2023.

Deadline for submissions: April 19, 2023
Speakers will be notified by: May 2, 2023

While the submission deadline has passed we are happy to consider your submission in case of program changes. After the official Call for Speaker deadline, we no longer send feedback. We will contact you if a (backup) speaker slot becomes available.

Do you or any of your team have a formal presentation to contribute to this event?

Before you do make sure: 1) that you have pre-established authorization from your employer to present 2) that you have your travel expenses covered, and 3) that you agree if accepted not to cancel other than for medical or family-emergency reasons.

All selected speakers will be entitled to attend the 2 day conference free of charge including the networking events.

A few more important points before you submit your pitch:

  • No sales pitch! Attendees come to the conference to learn, not to hear about what you sell. If you would like to present you company or your services, then please contact Claudia Finlay to learn more about our sponsoring options.
  • All selected speakers will be entitled to attend the 2 day conference free of charge including the networking events.
  • There is no fee to submit an idea or a speaking pitch, nor do we pay any session speakers to present at SMX. Please note that we unfortunately can’t cover any T&E.
  • If the application is not submitted by a potential speaker himself but by an agency, assistant or PR department, for example, the contact details of both the submitter and the proposed person must be provided. The submitter must ensure that it is entitled to propose the speaker and that he/she is informed about the conditions mentioned here.

What we are looking for:

  • High quality content, including: title, session description and learning objectives
  • New information, emerging and/or innovative approaches, practices or techniques
  • Case studies, success stories & lessons learned by the organization itself
  • Specialized topics related to key practice areas of the conference

The most important thing is have something to say that’s useful! Value-add is a must. The audience will want actionable content – stuff they can apply or make a difference with when they get back to their jobs. What have you learned that can be useful to them? How can they apply it?

Don’t underestimate the SMX Advanced Europe audience. Generally you’ll be talking to experienced, world-class professionals who are capable of absorbing new material comfortably. Aim high!

Please fully complete the Call for Speakers Submission Form to improve the chances of your talk being accepted. Abstracts will not be selected if they appear to directly promote any products or services, or are of a commercial nature. Any speakers who violate this agreement during their presentation will not be invited to speak again.

Thank you for considering SMX Advanced Europe!


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Hints & Tips for Writing Your Abstract

Imagine yourself an attendee sitting in the audience when you give your presentation. What would you like to hear (or not)? What would make a positive impression and make you feel your time well-spent? Consider those questions carefully when you write your abstract.

For starters two quick rules: Don’t be commercial, and don’t overuse buzzwords. Both will lessen your chances of being accepted.

Say enough, but don’t say too much. One sentence – or a list of bullets – is definitely not enough. More than 100 words is usually too much. To optimize your chances, express your message fully but succinctly.


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